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Step 5: Click ‘Recover’ to transfer all of your text messages and iMessages from old iPhone and save them onto the computer for permanent backup. Gihosoft iManager, a useful iPhone manager for iPhone backup, 바이낸스 OTP ( will help you view and browse both texts and iMessages on your computer just like that on iPhone devices. If you’d like to switch to the new iPhone X, or have changed, then let Gihosoft Mobile Phone Transfer help you transfer everything from old iPhone to the new iPhone X/8/8 Plus quickly. All you need: a computer, an iPhone X/8/8 Plus and iPhone USB cable, iTunes backup file on your computer. In addition to iTunes, Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery is also a good option to transfer and permanently save your old iPhone messages onto PC or Mac. Step 3: Check the small box next to the Messages you want to export and click Export to Text or Export to CSV option as you need to save them to your computer. It is a powerful software expert on iOS data recovery, which can recover 20 more types of lost/deleted data from iOS devices, including contacts, notes, photos, videos, voicemails, voice memos, etc. And you can use it to easily save and extract all your messages from iPhone or iPhone backup.

Run the Mobile Transfer Software on your computer and get into the «Phone to Phone» channel, then connect the old iPhone and new iPhone X to your computer via USB cables. Please download and install the Mobile Transfer Software on your computer and follow the steps given below to learn how to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Compared with iCloud backup, iTunes backup can hold more comprehensive data of your iPhone, which is better if you want to completely move all your old iPhone data to the new one, though it won’t preserve the music and TV programs on your iPhone. If you previously used iTunes to back up your old iPhone, when you transfer to the new iPhone X or iPhone 8/8 Plus, you can quickly transfer data from old iPhone to the new iPhone via iTunes backup. If you don’t want to run a desktop software, then you can use Apple’s Move to iOS app to transfer data from Android to iPhone.

Next, choose the data you need and click «Start Copy» to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone. Step 1: Download and install Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery on your Win/Mac PC. What features of the iPhone X exactly attract the user’s attention? He reasoned that a more lighthearted coin would have a better chance of attracting mainstream attention than Bitcoin. All the exported messages will be saved in TXT, CSV, HTML for a better view, and you can directly print the iPhone texts to PDF for court or other using. All you need: a computer, an old iPhone, a new iPhone X/8/8 Plus, two USB cables. 2. If you have not set up your new iPhone, select ‘Restore from iTunes Backup’ at the ‘App & Data’; if you’ve set it up’, then just click on ‘Restore Backup’ at the Summary page on iTunes. Step 3: connect your iPhone to the computer, or choose ‘View iTunes Backup’ or ‘View iCloud Backup’ if your iPhone is lost or stolen. 1. Turn on your new iPhone and connect it to the computer. Besides, the above are the specific steps of how to transfer data from one iPhone to another, if you want to transfer data from Android to iPhone X/8/8 Plus, you should turn on USB debugging on Android device before connecting it to computer.